Our Services

ACT Development Group offers a full range of marketing services, organization and promotion of sales/export services for diverse group of clients that are seeking to enter new markets or grow their presence in established ones. We provide comprehensive solutions for establishing effective partnerships and business that includes the following services:

  • Target-Market Identification
  • Provision of Secondary market research (including analysis related to Chambers of Commerce, Public agencies and authorities, Trade platforms, Business Associations etc.)
  • Customer search and market development
  • Provision of full service package for export, outsourcing and external providers-associates
  • Full package of participation and presentation in local and foreign specialized trade fairs and exhibitions

ACT Development Group provides management consulting services particularly on strategic and marketing consulting. Starting from identification and choice of the sphere of development, we have profound expertise in developing strategy for growth based on the country context and analysis of business environment. Our experts provide solutions for building an effective business model, developing effective strategy to get access to local and international markets, conducting competitors’ analysis and identifying untapped potential of the company and make use of business opportunities in most efficient manner. ACT Development Group’s professional management consulting services enable your company to develop even in times of high volatility.

With rich experience in developing and implementing projects in broad range of areas, we provide the following services starting from initiating stage and project design to the implementation phase and scale up:

  • Analyzing the needs and requirements of the client in measurable goals
  • Conducting feasibility study
  • Business planning
  • Project execution and scale-up
  • Project management

Based on the request of each client, out team develops business and investment projects, including project management plans. Furthermore, we offer consultancy and assistance services during the entire period of project execution at the highest standards.

The primary focus of our team is on enabling clients to enhance their access to the CIS region and Western European markets. We are recognized for delivering market-driven solution for our public and international clients across multiple development-aid-related industries.

We provide high-standard survey and research consulting. Our highly qualified team provides client-tailored services for projects requiring a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques. We have extensive survey experience in the field of development projects, market analysis, social and public policy research. We apply a range of methodologies in our research activities and are always prepared to adapt these to meet specific client requirements. Our survey and research projects involve the following methods and tools:

  • Desktop research
  • Workshops
  • Web and/or e-forms
  • Questionnaire design
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Interpretative reporting
  • Client presentations

ACT Development Group facilitates international partnership and cooperation between local Tajik companies and international entities. Having profound experience in establishing and maintaining partnerships, our team provides advice and guidance, models and strategies for international business linkages. We leverage the strength of our network to ensure the successful development of projects within the target markets we work in.